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Created 29-Apr-10
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"Our times are changing.

Civility and discretion were once highly valued among men. Beauty was measured by serenity and grace. To please a man, the right thing for me to do was only to turn the inside of my wrist to him while pouring his teacup, showing just a slight bit of my naked skin; it was considered a most erotic gesture.

Nowadays, the various forms of sensory overload men receive from television, the internet, or just everyday life, have dimished this effect. We Modern Geisha's now need to be more daring to accomplish our goal, and if not by graceful nudity, then by our actions.

How can just grace and serenity sustain us in current times? Why would a high-class courtesan not act playful and daring to satisfy a man? I would happily climb a tree, and play with the branches to get that special smile on his lips "

Model: Annicke
Concept: Annicke and Ork